All framed paper pieces sizes are framed size. Archival paper and mat board. Manipulated Acrylic, oil pastel and ink.

"New Growth" 20"X20" acrylic on paper

"One Step at a Time"  acrylic on paper 24"X24"

"Follow That Line" acrylic on paper 24"X 24"

"Stay the Course"  20"X20"

"Finding Space"

"choose Your Path" 16"X16"

"choose Your Path" 16"X16"

"Moving Forward" 10"X10"

"Intersections" 10" X 10"

"Finding Peace" 16"X16"

"Sunset lanscape" 17 "X 17"

Door #1 27" X 32"

"Light and dark dancing" 21" X 21"

"Intersection" 33"X40"

Bourre' , 33"X40"

"Vieux Carre II" framed paper, 32"X39" 

"Vieux Carre II" framed paper, 32"X39" 

"The Space Between"  33"X40"

"Intermezzo" 20"X20"

"Once in a Blue Moon"   21"X21"

"Blue Bayou" 17"X21"

"Zydeco Boogaloo " 27"X32" on paper, framed size