"My current work is spontaneous and joyful. Exploring color, composition and design."

"Suz Stovall passionately explores color through vibrating color fields and thin, spontaneous line. Stovall's abstract works invite the viewer to look deeply and enjoy the visual feast of color."

Music is a huge influence in Stovall’s work, as music and art share similar principles such as pattern, rhythm, balance and emphasis. 

Let’s take rhythm for example. Rhythm in music is something you can tap your feet to. It tells you how to sway with the music. Rhythm affects art in a similar manner. If an artist uses rhythm correctly, he or she make your eyes dance from one point in the painting to another. It is how the artist wants you to see his/her work. 

Similarly, each tone or musical motif has certain weight that gives any song or melody it’s overall balance. The artist also uses the same principle to add structure and balance the painting.

Interestingly enough, many art forms use similar descriptive terms across art disciplines. Music, painting, drama, and architecture all use terms such as repetition, variety, intensity, rhythm, dialog, balance, unity and so on.